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Christian Education Ministry


Mission Statement:

 To impart the "Word", by emulating Jesus as our example. We empower saints, equipping them to love, learn, live out, and share their teachings with others.

What We Do:

We offer training classes throughout the year to aid non-believers and believers in building their relationship with God. Our goal is to create a Christian Education Community that encourages individuals to find their own unique connection with Christ.


List of Events:

  • Trainings:

    • Teachers

    • Leadership

  • Church Events:

    • Vacation Bible School (VBS)

    • Sunday School

  • Bible Studies for all age groups, throughout the year.

director & Coordinator:

Please do not hesitate to fill out the Team Member form online or on the app and reach out to the Director for further information or questions you may have.

Director: Min. Marilyn Daniel

Coordinator: Sis. Pat Hill

Serving Opportunities:

We encourage all members to serve in administration roles, teachers, trainers or volunteer for events.

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